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Songs by People We Work With

Songs by People We Don't Work With

Now That's What I Call Mucus!

R.T. Lyrics Phlegmy Sputum Band

Greg's Non-Health Care Parodies

Gregís Tribute To Princess Diana

Snuffy The No-Smokasaurus

R.T. Lyrics Chapter 1 - Our First CD

Songs by People We Work With

Blowin' In The Wind - Rich Weiler details the evils of smoking.
Stuck On You - Contributed by Fred "Elvis" Corrion (no midi).
PEDS - A "typical" day on the pediatric unit as described by Shelly Stanfield.
Have A Holly Jolly Christmas - Presented to the staff by Rich
"Boss Man" Weiler on Christmas of 2001.
Ten Patients Intubated - Compliments of "Country" Fred Corrion (no midi).

Songs by People We Don't Work With

Hear The Page - A Christmas song parody from Greg's former instructor, Joe Bell.
We Breathed For A Patient - Contribution courtesy of Jackie Bush and her
students at Our Lady of the Lake College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Buckets Of Phlegm - Greg's long time friend and cousin-in-law
Dave York provides this number (no midi).
Spit It Out - Sent to us by Laramie Stenson of Skokie, Illinois.
Loogie Loogie - Franklin Court from Rockford, Illinois chimes in with this one.
Under My Tongue - Thanks to Fritz Shields of
Saginaw, Michigan for sharing this with us.
Day Shifter - Courtesy of Alan Addams, a resident of Chicago Illinois.
Auscultating Wheezing - Submitted by Dave Roberts of Boston, Massachusetts.
25 Treatments to Go - Compliments of Terry Birch from Cincinnati, Ohio

Now That's What I Call Mucus!
See the Nickelodeon magazine parody that inspired Greg to write these songs.

I'm A Slave 4 Goo
Tissues Were Here (no midi)
Dig In (no midi)
Get The Snotty Started
Let Me Blow Ya Nose (no midi)
Hanging By A Nose Hair
Get Ur Pick On (mini midi)
So Fresh So Green
It's Gonna Be Mucus
All The Nostril Things

R.T. Lyrics Phlegmy Sputum Band
The greatest album of the rock era re-done in the RTlyrics fashion.

R.T. Lyrics Phlegmy Sputum Band
A Little Help From Our Friends
Loogie In The Eye With Virus
Getting Better
Fixiní To Go
Sheís Going Home
Seeing How My Benefits Just Took a Bite
Inside You Outside You
When Iím Sixty-Four
Lovely Nancy
Good Morning Good Morning
R.T. Lyrics Phlegmy Sputum Band (Reprise)
A Life In The Day

Itís Only A Sputum Song
(Parody of ďItís Only A Northern SongĒ
An outtake from the original sessions recorded in 1967)

Greg's Non-Health Care Parodies

Scrambled Eggs - This number tries to imagine what the Beatles' classic song Yesterday would sound like if Paul McCartney had kept the original title and first 2 lines.

Theme From The Munsters - Greg takes a shot at penning lyrics to this classis TV theme song.

The One - My version of the Elton John classic, dedicated to my wife for Valentine's Day

Stay A Virgin - This song wonders what Madonna as a responsible parent might say to her girl Lourdes.

Schools Back - Celebrating every parentís favorite time of the year.

Greg's Tribute to Princess Diana

Sacrifice 1997

I Guess Thatís Why They Call It The Blues 1997

Daniel 1997

The One 1997

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me 1997
Your Song 1997

Tiny Dancer 1997

Nikita 1997 (Diana)

The Last Song 1997

Empty Garden 1997

Snuffy The No-Smokasaurus - A downloadable coloring/story
book that urges youngsters not to smoke.

R.T. Lyrics: Chapter 1 - Our first CD.

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